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Dolpa or Dolpo, lies in the rain-shadow area north of the Himalayan range of West Nepal. It certainly is one of the most remote place, that was opened for trekking only in 1989. Rich in vast last with its natural herbs and probably the biggest district in Nepal. Dolpa is home to an endless network of ancient salt trails. These salts were once used by caravans carrying salt from the Tibetan plateau to the lower land. The Dolpo’s strange and mesmerizing beauties are the invaluable rewards during your Mountain Bike Rides.

Phoksundo! A deep blue lake situated in the altitude of 3660m between the towering rocks is on the key place in the area which is in the boarders between Lower and Upper Dolpa, and where the tree lines end. Phoksundo Trek takes you on a journey to see and experience a natural miracle in the heart of Himalayas.

If you want to ride around the most remote area of Nepal. And looking after a challenging but a beautiful trip where the commercial mountain biking trip hasn’t been done so far?

It’s right about time.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

We are so proud to be a first mountain biker to ride around whole Dolpa region; both Lower and Upper section. And we did this recced tour in October and November 2016.

This is absolutely a most unique mountain biking trip ever in the Himalayas. The Dolpa trek is one of the hardest in Nepal and suitable for those who are exceptionally fit and prepared to face the full challenge of the Himalayan wilderness.

Trip Overview

Ride: All mountain, Enduro, Freeride

Group Size: Minimum 2

Trip grade: Challenging and physically demanding... Only for experienced and fit riders!

Duration: 21 Days

Altitude: There will be numerous high altitude passes over 5000m.

Accommodation: local's tea houses and full camping support on the trail.

Trip Contact: *This is a totally private trip only. Please email us for further information about the price and trip details for this absolute Nomad Mountain biking trip ever in the Himalayas. ridenepal@himalayandirt.com

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