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Nepal was once a forbidden kingdom, hidden from the world, all her mysteries and secrets kept inside her mystical landlocked boarders. In the 1950’s when the curtain fell and her borders opened to a rapidly changing world looking for adventure and adrenaline, intrepid travelers thronged here by the thousands to the trek in the lap of the mighty Himalaya’s, home to eight of world’s ten highest mountains. They came to lose themselves in the mystery of the fabled Shangri-La… and perhaps a cloud of Ganja.

Nepal mountain bike tours

As the years went by many people only saw Nepal as a place to trek or as an abode of the hippy, but as the twenty-first century dawned so did the age of adventure tourism.

Nepal mountain bike tours

To many it became apparent that the Jaw Dropping Mountains of the Himalaya boasted so much more than trudging one foot in front of the other. Now, Mountain biking has become a key part of our life as in terms of sport, for health benefits and for some of us it is more of a lifestyle…We also give other rides.

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